Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So now that we have our professional pictures back, the question remains - what do we do with them?  I've already put together Snapfish photobooks to send over to the grandparents for Christmas - Snapfish had a buy 1 get 2 free deal, so it worked out nicely.  I also took advantage of Snapfish's "buy two 8x10s, get 100 prints free" deal, so 100 prints showed up last week.  Which begs the question - wtf am I going to do with 100 prints of our wedding?  It's okay you guys - I have a plan!!!

First up, photo albums for little girls - I'm going to put together small albums for our program girls as a "thank you" gift.

Secondly, photos for a few people who weren't able to make it to the wedding - they'll either get a packet, or a small album, depending on my level of energy and our finances.

Thirdly, scrapbooking.  My cousins got me a wedding planning scrapbook to put photos in, and so I'm hopefully going to put that together once we get the prints back.  I'm excited about the scrapbook because I can also put in our invitation, escort cards, programs, save the dates, and maybe print some pictures of crafting parties and other details.

Fourthly, our coffee table.  When we moved in together, I told Mark the only way I was letting his hideous coffee table live with me was if he let me refinish it.  It had a tile top which we swapped out for a custom cut piece of glass - we keep felt under the glass, and every few months we change out the pictures that go under the glass.  Over the weekend, I swapped out our engagement pictures for wedding pictures.

If this doesn't go through all of the pictures we got, I think we'll put the rest in a photo-album we got as an engagement gift.  I love photo albums, and I'm excited to have one.  

Our plan was to make a Blurb book printed with an imagewrap cover and premium paper to serve as our stop-gap wedding album, but we got a Blurb book printed with our honeymoon pictures and I wasn't a fan of the print quality.  I don't know if we'll ever get a $$$ album printed, but for right now, it seems like we could put that $1000 to better use in our day-to-day life.  

There was a discussion on twitter recently about how your kids won't want to look through DVDs and you should get a photo album.  This is true - as a kid, I spent HOURS going through old photo albums of family trips, etc.  My mom and I are different - she keeps photos in boxes, and on hard drives, and doesn't do albums.  I used to hole up on her office floor and just go through boxes and boxes.  So I want to do photo albums - I already started filling the one we got as an engagement gift with pictures from the last four years, and I think it's probably best to admit to myself that I never will make a scrapbook from most things, and just get things printed and make albums.  

How are you dealing with albums and prints?


  1. Ignoring them, mostly.

    Don't get me wrong, we do want to have an album made and get a couple of prints, but . . . guh. So much effort. I'm thinking that's a post-holidays project.

  2. So we did the same thing for Christmas, albums for our family and prints or framed prints for others, especially if there'd be a spectacular group shot I thought they should have, but what we haven't done is our big album for ourselves. Our front room is practically a shrine for our wedding, so i wouldn't want it to be something that sits out on a coffee table, but in many years if those photos get replaced with photos of kids, or if they are just way too much of a reminder of ourselves, we need to have a book. I want a big classic book with thick pages, but it just hasn't happened yet.

    I've been fairly happy with mypublisher, but am looking for another company so please share what kind of products you do end up getting!

  3. My mom's really into scrapbooking, and I feel obligated to give our pictures a good scrapbook. I hope to frame and put up a fair few of them though.