Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pre Wedding Craft Enlistment

So, the week before the wedding, after drafting my mother and cousin into making escort cards with my cousin's wife and I, I realized the wedding projects would be slow going.  I came home and drafted my parents immediately for wedding duty on the following Sunday.  So after a lunch of sushi from Wok & Roll (not as good as Matsuri but open for lunch on Sunday), I put everybody to work.  Mark and Julian went downstairs to work on their own project, and my family stayed upstairs.

My sister finished up our Out Of Town Bags.  The out-of-town bags were originally to be bags, with a reusable water bottle or two, some trail mix, some granola bars, and a few mints and maybe some Tylenol.  I was on the fence about the Tylenol until we got to Matt and Heather's wedding and I had a splitting headache.  Tylenol, I decided, was a must for weary travelers.  Anyway, at some point, after being annoyed about having to spend $1 per bag on an out-of-town bag, we realized that we could just stuff everything into the water bottles.  So voila:
My sister made the little tags a while ago at our May crafting party, and then tied them onto the bottles with ribbons and stuffed in our out-of-town sheets.  I had been filling the bottles as I bought the items at Costco (except the Tylenol, which I had to Amazon Prime) - each bottle, which cost $1 at the dollar store had a nature valley granola bar, a trail mix package, 4 or 5 spearmint lifesavers (the entire bottles smelled like spearmint, btw), and two packets of Tylenol.  I know I ate all the trail mix in my water bottle, took two of the Tylenol, and ate all of the mints, so mostly these were a success.  Since we had two wedding hotels, I reserved 6 bottles to take to the other hotel and never got around to it - I don't know if we ran out at the main hotel, but I know that enough people got them and appreciated them that I call them a win.  Another advantage was that when I took them to the hotel, I only had to carry in one large and bulky box, not several boxes of large and bulky bags.

We also put my dad to work assembling the favors, which were to be served in two "harvest baskets" - we would have Lindor Truffles and Jordan Almonds (brought from Egypt and 10x better than anything you can buy in the store).  We had my Dad wrap the Jordan Almonds.  I was pessimistic about how many we had, and only bought 4 dozen bags.  My dad yelled out, halfway through "I've run out of bags."  I was like "what else can we use? I'm so sick of going to Michaels!!!"  My sister came to the rescue and cut squares of tulle.  My dad, game player that he is, filled the tulle squares and then carefully tied bows.  My dad really loves me, you guys.  Also Jordan Almonds, but he did not eat them.  Which is more than I can say of either me or my sister.
That Lindor Truffles basket was a bit lower by the time it made it to the wedding, and I found the third bag which I was planning to use to refill it, on the floor near the table when we got home the morning after.  What a delicious oops.  

My mom and I set about making chair covers - I cut, and she fraychecked, an entire bolt of burlap.  Then we rolled them up and secured them with rubberbands, which would be used to attach them to people's seats.  Here is how they looked on the benches:
And the way the rubberbands worked:
(by Prema Photographic)

If we had more time and more fray-check, I would have fraychecked all of them, but we wound up just doing the short ends.  They were unraveling quite a bit, but Irvine happily took them as a donation for future events and I hope they come in handy for at least one other wedding.  (Also, this was not an expensive undertaking because the woman at JoAnn checking me out scanned in a 50% off coupon when I complained I had forgotten mine - I saved $36.)  The whole 27 covers took 3 bottles of Fray-Check to just do the ends and having looked at the benches the day before (some of which had squashed stinkbugs on them, etc), I'm really glad we took this on.  

We also took care of small but necessary crafts, like rewrapping the ribbons from my sisters table number holders so that they would be green and blue.  I also finally sat down and took care of cutting all of the dried wheat and grasses for the centerpieces to be the right length - a task I was really glad later that I took care of then.  There was one other craft project we put my mom to work on, but I'll wait until I start the "real recaps" to show that one off.
See? Can't you tell how hard my sister worked on the ribbons?  (by Prema Photographic)
The dried wheat and grass was originally twice the length it needed to be. (by Prema Photographic)

The craft day was also helpful because I got a chance to go over the final wedding-day timeline with my parents so that they could fully understand what was going to happen at the wedding.  I highly recommend trying to take an opportunity like this one to touch base with your family and keep them in the loop.  When you let them help you with crafts as well (just don't be a control freak, kay? Parents aren't perfect.), they are more included in the wedding and will feel more ownership of the day itself.  


  1. All your projects look so cute. I'm sure your guests really appreciated their out-of-town bottles and the bench covers.

    Good work on putting your fam into action. They did a great job!

  2. I love the dried wheat bottles. Where did you get the wheat from?