Saturday, November 13, 2010


We went to Men's Warehouse on Monday because our using them for tux rental earned Mark a free suit.  (It's navy blue and he looks so sharp!)  As we were checking out, the saleslady told us, "and anytime, you can just bring it back here and we'll press it for free."  We were shocked, and she said, "you didn't know we did that?"  I asked if we could bring back his tux and she said "of course!"  So when I go to pick up his new suit next week, I'm going to take back his tux for pressing before we put it away.  Of course, his tux is going back in his closet and he'll be wearing it next summer.  Menswear is so much more practical.  I've been told that showing up in my wedding dress for my SIL's wedding would just be rude.

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  1. Rude, but awesome!

    I keep telling Karl I want to throw a girls-only party next year where everyone has to wear their wedding dress (and the single ladies, a gown they wish they had a chance to wear it again). I mean, seriously, how cool would those pictures be? Wearing it only once is so unfair!