Wednesday, November 10, 2010


There is a lot of chit-chat over on APW today about engagement rings and wedding bands.  I didn't expect to want a wedding band, but I really really love mine.  It's just a simple palladium band, and I love that it's small enough that I can wear it to run and bike and play hockey, which I can't do with my engagement ring.  I'm really glad we didn't end up going with a custom band that could only fit with my engagement ring.
(on our honeymoon - and yes, my manicure held up great!)
(It fits surprisingly well with my engagement ring, considering my ring's considerable bulk and slight asymmetry) 
We even got ring shots done - there were all kinds of hay bales around the venue, and our photographer took advantage:
(by Prema Photographic)
I had thought originally, before we even got engaged, that once we were married I would just wear a wedding band.  But because my engagement ring is fairly band-like in it's design, I have found that I really like continuing to wear it.  Most people don't notice the wedding band and engagement ring together, but very few people ever looked at my engagement ring and asked me when I was getting married.  They just said, "what a cool ring!"  At which point I brag excessively about my awesome husband.

Do you wear an engagement ring and wedding band or just the band or just the e-ring?


  1. I've tried it a couple of ways, but what I have defaulted to is the "standard" band-engagement ring combo. Some days I will just wear my band (and then it doesn't spin on my finger so much, which is nice), but I'm very fond of my engagement ring, which was handed down from my husband's mom. Both look good on their own, and they go quite well together too. Sort of like yours! Only my engagement ring is quite traditional. I love yours! It looks totally awesome on its own and with the band! I've never seen anything like it.

  2. You know, I have a typical 1ct solitaire, that has been on my finger for 9 months today (I don't take it off for anything, because I loose everything, so I don't chance it). Not once anyone has asked when I was getting married, and only one coworker ever noticed there was something new on my finger.

    So at the end of the day, I think people really just don't give a crap, unless they're your family or friends.

    (And I LOVE your ring, but I'd totally wear it on my right hand now, since your wedding band looks adorable as well on its own.)

  3. I absolutely love my engagement ring, and my band matches it. That being said, I chose not to solder them. I wear them both most times, but occasionally, it's nice just to have the small band. (I will NOT be walking around with a bump in my gloves (like that year) once it's cold enough this year).

    Though, I don't think I'll ever wear my e-ring alone again. ::shrugs:: But who knows?

  4. Neither my engagement ring nor my wedding band look like "traditional" bands. They don't fit together well either, so once I'm married I plan to wear the engagement ring on my right ring finger and the wedding band on the left. No one knows that the e-ring is an e-ring, they either don't notice it or just say it's a pretty ring. I like that - I'd rather be subtle than in-your-face.

  5. I'm a both-wearer. My first ring was custom, so we had to go back to the same guy to get one that would sit flush with it. I do like the band, alone, however, which was a big factor when buying it. I wanted to wear it on its on when it's a bit impractical to wear both, or if I ever choose to pass on the first one.

  6. I'm distracted by your hand-model hands! i like your engagement ring, it could easily be a wedding band (fancytown) as well.

    I wear both, even though my engagement ring is white gold from the 1930s and my wedding band is rose gold and modern!

    I maybe even want more bands to stack up (wedding band is wee) on top of my engagement ring...

  7. i wear both together. love the way the two metals look next to each other.

    and i LOVE your rings together. beautiful.

  8. I wear both band and e-ring on the same finger - just 'backwards' to the norm (I wear my e-ring first, with the band on top) I need to get my e-ring resized - again - but don't like having to pay for it AND not getting the chunk of platinum that they take out!

  9. I find women like to have options. It is always nice to have an elegant band (like yours) that can always be repolished and you don't need to worry about when using your hands alot.