Friday, November 12, 2010


A lot of people looked at me in disbelief when I talked about my wedding shoes.
I heard things along the lines of, "tevas?" "plaid?" "wedges?" but you know what? I was comfortable and walking was easy.  And nobody noticed.  The only pictures you can see my shoes in?
And they look just fine.  So go forth and be comfortable.  Seriously.  
I changed into my fancy heels for the dancing, and even though my dress had been hemmed to my slightly lower wedges, it wasn't noticable and made it easier to not trip on my skirt during the reception.  
I think one person commented on my shoes.  And they at least pretended to like them.  You also couldn't see my blue toes, so win.  Oh, and I spent $60 on two pairs of shoes I can wear again.


  1. They wouldn't be my first choice but I will be rocking the comfy flats for the dancing although I have a slight obsession with uber heels so couldn't resist.

  2. Teva wedges! I didn't even know Teva made wedges! You can't even see the shoes, so you might as well go forth and be comfortable. You did the right thing. My dress was hemmed a little shorter than I wanted so the shoes were visible. I also have a psychotic shoe fetish which ruins my life, so I'll admit, I wasn't as practical.

  3. I really love these shoes! I'm thinking I want to wear something very comfortable, and very colorful!

  4. teva wedges sound like FANTASTIC wedding shoes. great pick, they look great!

  5. Smart girl! I am sure they were all looking at more important things like your happy face and your ring.