Monday, November 22, 2010

What's your bag?

Since the holidays are coming up, and there might be a few of you with DSLRs or new lenses or other gear on your wish list, I thought I'd write up a quick review of the camera bag I got for my birthday, as well as how it held up on our honeymoon.
For starters, I shoot with the Canon Rebel T1i (a little graduation gift to myself) and I use both a kit lens and a 50mm lens.  I wanted a bag that could hold at least one lens when I bought my camera bag, and maybe also work as a purse.  I bought my bag from xcesserize designs on Etsy and although it isn't perfect, it is what I had hoped it would be - a not-ugly, not-distinctive camera bag that protects my camera and lenses - for less than $100.

Around the same time, I made the best purchase I've ever made - a Domke Wrap, which is literally a square of padding that Velcros around my camera.  I usually wrap my camera in the wrap and toss it in my cavernous purse.  I don't have a good way to protect my lenses with this system, so I've been using a pair of really thick fluffy socks.  It's not ideal and I'm going to whip something up out of fleece once I get a chance.

For our honeymoon I took both my camera bag and my wrap, which I grabbed at the last second "just in case I put my camera in Mark's backpack".  My camera bag is fine, but doesn't have a protective neck strap and can kind of grate at your neck if you wear it for too long.  I also wound up shoving too much stuff in it and my LCD screen got scratched from my constantly shoving things around in my purse, but it was worth it because I changed lenses a lot on our honeymoon.
Mostly it just looks like a purse.
I can fit my Rebel with a lens attached in the main compartment in the bag, and then another lens in one of the side compartments.  It has a space for a third lens which I use for general purse items.  I would recommend it if you are looking for an inexpensive but nice looking camera bag, or a stop-gap until you figure out what you really need in a camera bag.  


  1. We just invested in a canon rebel t1i for our honeymoon - I'm thinking of getting one of these 2 bags:

    Just out of curiosity - how big is your domke wrap? We're just planning on taking the kit lens with us, but I'm not sure how big of a wrap we'd need (like you, I'm planning on bringing one just in case I decide to throw the camera in our backpack for the day...). Thanks!

  2. I bought the quilted *emera bag. I searched all over for a lady's camera bag that didn't look like I was hiking Mount Everest. This bag is beautiful. I wanted the canvas one, but they were having a 2nd sale. I took a chance, and I am so glad I did. There is so many dividers and I use it for so many things. I put everything in there that I would a purse. I call it my diaper bag since my camera is my baby. Here is the website-
    I hope you like what you see! ;)