Tuesday, November 30, 2010

With a little bit o' luck

The morning of the wedding, Mark's mom presented me with something at the hair salon.  My SIL is getting married next summer and found out about this tradition.  Mark's aunt and uncle brought her one, but they brought me one as well.  I was pretty excited and it made me feel very included and welcomed to have them think of me like this:
Yes, that is a horseshoe.  Apparently it's good luck.  You are supposed to either incorporate it with your bouquet or tie it into your dress.  It was a little large to incorporate into my bouquet, but it tied very nicely into my bustle: 
Eventually we had to bustle my dress and the horseshoe found its way to our table for the rest of the night.  I actually carried a couple of good luck charms, including a medal from my grandmother.  Did this mean our wedding was flawless? No.  Does my superstitious little heart believe this had something to do with the absolutely perfect weather and our ability to let go and enjoy the day?  Hell yes.


  1. That's a cute sentiment and always nice to be thought of!

  2. What a nice tradition! I love the photo of it tucked into your dress.