Thursday, December 16, 2010

DIY Week: Banners

Way back when, we argued about how we were going to be introduced at the wedding.  Not an issue of names or anything, just an issue of I didn't want to be introduced and Mark did.  Because that's what you do at weddings.*  So I decided that I'd be okay with the introductions if it somehow was fun, and more about having fun than being about us.  This was an afterthought DIY project that I wound up being SO GLAD we did.  It was creative and totally us, and it made me feel less silly running into the reception area.  So we started by sneaking around into the catering tent:
(by the best man's wife)
Then our bridal party came in:
Unfurling the fruits of our DIY Labors:
Our DJ turned up the music and played "Rock and Roll Part II"

To make your own "Just Married" finishline banner, start by calling me.  I have a huge roll of extra leftover paper.  Then have your mom (thanks Mom!) or somebody else write the "Just Married" in pencil and fill it in with paint that you bought for another random wedding project.  The tricky part about this was that we hadn't told the bridal party until the day before, and we didn't tell the DJ until about 10 minutes before.  Our DJ was really good at rolling with the punches, and the caterers let us use their tent tunnel (otherwise this would have been way trickier.)    We were concerned that it wouldn't tear, so Mark perforated it, but that wasn't actually where the banner tore, so I guess it wasn't much of a concern.  

This was a low budget (I think the paper was like, $7), last minute DIY project that still makes me incredibly happy when I think about it.  It suited us to enter the reception that way, it was something fun and different, and it made me feel just a bit less narcissistic about being introduced.  It was also a really fun moment for Mark and I, when we held hand in the catering tent and got ready to run. Plus we used one of the pictures on our holiday cards. 

*We all talk about how to tell your mom, "it's okay, we don't need to have a cake/DJ/etc." but there are no instructions on convincing your groom.  


  1. OMG< I love the just married banner! Such a cool idea! And coming from a slow runner, that would have been my own chance to break the tape!

  2. First time commenter (but long time reader). This is such a cute and creative idea, and falls into the cateogry of, "why didn't I think of that?!" :-)

  3. What a great idea! Just watch, you'll see it all over blogland in 2011. ;)

  4. That's so fitting for you guys because you guys are runners. I heart it.