Tuesday, December 14, 2010

DIY Week: Escort Cards

A few weeks before the wedding, I drafted my mom and my cousin and his wife to help assemble our placecards.  We had come up with the design awhile ago, and I carried the pieces around in my purse for a month hoping to get to them.  After the primary was over, I decided to finally get them done, so my mom and I showed up at my cousin's house for an evening of crafting fun.
Photo by Prema Photographic
"Oooh! Cute!" You say.  "Perfect for an outdoor nature wedding! How do I make these?"  Well, for starters, get a whole bunch of extra time.  Wait, you don't have extra time? Okay, these may not be for you.  I would recommend printing on white tent cards and using a stamp.  I was amazed by how time consuming they turned out to be.  But here is the tutorial anyway:
-White cardstock - about 10 sheets
-Green cardstock - about 5 sheets
-Navy cardstock - probably about 30 sheets - we used all of the leftover edges from our invitation backing 
-a Cricut or access to one (we used my SILs) and Plantain Schoolbook cartridge
-Glue Lines
-Adhesive rollers (you will need several of these - I think we went through 2 and a half?)
-Paper cutter (or two)

1.)  On the cricut, cut out grass with the Plantain Schoolbook setting.  We acutally did this back in May.  It took about 2 hours to get everything cut and figure out what was wrong with the first two pages we tried to cut.  
2.)  Print the names of guests on a full page of white cardstock.  I recommend creating custom labels that are the size you need, then doing a mailmerge.  I then went to "borders and shading" and put a thin border around the names so we would know where to cut.  
3.)  Cut all of the names out of the white cardstock.  You want to have about a half inch or so of extra white cardstock on the bottom.  
4.)  Cut the navy cardstock so that it is tall enough for the white cardstock and the grass to sit on it comfortably.  
5.)  Glue the white namecards to the navy cardstock using the adhesive roller.  
6.)  Attach the grass to the bottom using the gluelines.  The gluelines will seem like they are not long enough, but they actually stretch and then you stick them to either sides of the grass.  Then put that over the navy.  

If you are working alone, it's easy to keep them in alphabetical order.  If you are working with others, just try to keep them in a general order and then later make your fiance alphabetize them while he whines about how it couldn't have been that difficult to keep them in alphabetical order.  (It really was.)  

Another thing you should keep in mind about escort cards is that even if they are adorable, a lot of people don't take them home.  I would say we have about 50 that we gathered up off the tables.  So were they really worth all that work?  Probably not, but honestly, I love them so much that I would definitely do them again.  

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  1. These ARE adorable, but I already bought our stamp and I'm searching for non-embossed tent cards. Though really, these are cute and if you loved them, it was worth it.