Friday, December 17, 2010

DIY Week: Last Minute Projects

A few of our last minute projects were things like our signs on the flip flop basket (baskets a generous gift from our wedding buddies Mariko and Jeff!) and our signs on the card basket and favor basket - I wrote these in the car on the way to the wedding in Cape Cod, then printed them on cardstock in the same font we used for the escort cards.  (Champagne from
At one point our printer broke, so I handwrote the envelopes where we asked people to write us notes.  I used a magic marker and then paired them with leftover index cards from bar review.  
Our guestbook was a last minute project as well - I ordered a spiral bound sketchbook from Amazon (love Amazon Student) using the Amazon App (which is awesome - on my Touch, don't worry, I still use a Samsung Alias, I'm not cool) four days before the wedding.  I added a sign to the front that said something like "please share your photostrips with us!" And voila!  
I think I bought double sided tape to stick with the pictures, I'm not really sure.  But they got in there and people figured out how to attach them.  

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