Sunday, December 19, 2010

DIY Week: Photobooth!

The largest and overall most labor-intensive DIY project we took on for the wedding was to build our own photobooth.  We looked into rentals initially, but felt they were too expensive for what you got, so Ellie told me I could build one myself.  [Ed. Note: I said "WE".  Then he said, "no, you don't know anything about construction. Stick to your girlie sewing stuff."  Or something that sounded less sexist.  But only a little less sexist.]
Photobooth, aka BoothZilla set up at the wedding.  Picture by Best Man C.
Boothzilla set up in our living room (for the New Years party we're having).

Of course, best man C and I took a little longer than we should have to get started, so that I wound up working on it in the basement every night for about three weeks leading up to the wedding weekend.  Ellie pinch-hit and took care of the painting and curtains [ed. note: the "girlie sewing stuff"].  There were a couple of features that fell by the wayside, and we didn't have the chance to do any extended testing - or we might have figured out before the reception that a laptop in an enclosed space will eventually overheat and shut off - but overall I would have to say it was pretty successful.  Check out the writeup on Instructables for details....

Ellie notes:  Are there a lot of easier ways to do a photobooth or a fauxtobooth? Sure - but we liked that it was pretty obvious to guests that this was a photobooth, we liked that it was self-manned (rather than done by a photographer or assistant), and we liked that it was designed to fit inside a reasonable sized car.  It was really cool to work on this together, and we drafted several other wedding party members for help along the way, so it became a fun team effort.  Oh yeah, and now we have a photobooth in our living room.  If you are crazy like us and going to undergo attempting your own true photobooth, I would offer the following tips:
1. Plywood is heavy.
2. A photobooth doesn't really need to fit 8 people all at once - Boothzilla is HUGE.  I really wish we had made it smaller.
3. Consider pointing a very large arrow towards the camera that says, "Look Here and SMILE!" - a lot of people didn't realize the webcam we used was up at the top of the booth.
4. Props probably aren't required, but they are awesome.
(photo by Best Man C.)
This may be my favorite picture.  By Prema Photographic.

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