Saturday, December 18, 2010

DIY Week: Transport and Strike

The biggest issue when having a wedding where you bring stuff is the stuff.  How do you bring the stuff?  How do you get it home?  Who is going to strike the reception space after the wedding?

We used as many people and cars as we could to get stuff to the wedding - we loaded up my Mark's parent's Outback, my Dad's Vibe, our Corolla, and my FBIL's Ford F-150.  Somehow, coming home, we seemed to have MORE stuff, or just more people and less space.

At some point, long before the wedding, a tweet went out from somebody saying, "Your friends who sign up to help you with your wedding are signing up to help with setup, not cleanup."  So really, I expected it to be us and the caterers getting everything into the Fern room so that we could take it back to our apartment the next day.  What was amazing was that a number of cousins, friends, and other people also stayed to help strike.  Since the photobooth had become a massive undertaking by everybody, everybody was willing to help take it down.  In general, everybody took care of getting the centerpieces back into boxes, getting the beer back into the fern room, getting the table runners all in one place, gathering all of our things from the classroom where we got ready, etc.

What did I do? I tried to help.  Nobody would let me.  So I did what I'd been wanting to do for awhile: I went to the bathroom.  Unassisted.  And was fine.  Then I took a few pictures, but my camera died as I was trying to document the end of a wonderful evening.
Taking down the photobooth

Packing up all the centerpieces 

The caterers taking their stuff home
I also drank the last Strongbow, which Groomsman Mike brought me while he was running around helping clean up.  For the most part, I just chilled out (and felt lazy) watching everybody finish making our wedding happen.  I said goodbye to our wedding party as they left, confirmed after-party plans with the family, and eventually Mark was also ready to go.

We came back the next morning and loaded our cars back up. Mark's whole family (Aunts, uncles, cousins) was there to help load up all of the cars, which turned out to be a huge help because I doubt the four of us would have been able to make such quick work of everything that had to go back.  It was like having hostages, because they were driving back to NJ with Mark's family anyway, so they had no choice but to help us out.  Don't worry, we fed them lunch afterwards.  By which I mean, we said, "please help us eat all the food in the house so it doesn't go bad while we are on our honeymoon."

My sister had jokingly asked if we would be renting a U-Haul for the wedding, and we did discuss renting a minivan or other large vehicle - it would have been helpful to not have to use quite so many people's vehicles, and to guarantee that we had the same amount of space both going to the venue and coming from the venue.  We didn't *need* it, but it might have been helpful.

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  1. We might end up renting a U-haul for the ceremony chairs. We still need to look into different companies and price things out, but we aren't sure what time they will be able to drop off and pick up, so a one day truck for $25 seems like a good deal if the cheapest is to have them drop off early in the day and pick up the next morning.