Monday, December 13, 2010

DIY Week

I wanted to take a little bit of time to focus on all the DIY we did leading up to the wedding and do a few tutorials, if necessary.  It was not originally my intent to have a DIY heavy wedding, but things happen and stuff kept getting added to the to-do list, and you do them because you know how.  I farmed out a lot of our DIY projects, like sashes and table runners, and we drafted our friends and family to help us with a lot of the rest.  Since we put so much work into these projects, I wanted to have a bit of a red carpet to roll them out on, so a week devoted to the DIY that was our wedding seemed like the right way to go.  I also wanted to spotlight them before I really start talking about the cocktail hour and reception, because they'll come into play there as well.
Our centerpieces, from Ikea and Dried Flowers "R" Us.  

So this week will feature heavy posting and pretty much all of our projects.  Then, going forward with the wedding, we won't talk as much about the DIY and those projects will be incorporated by reference.  The DIY projects will also be added to the DIY Projects page you see on our website.  

So this posts tutorial is centerpieces.  You will need vases, dried flowers, and scissors.  And a vacuum.  
1.) Cut dried flowers into vase height.  
2.) Frantically throw them together into vases the day before the wedding because the venue coordinator is trying to leave and you are seriously behind.  Ta-daaaaaaaa!

(hint: If you can find tall enough boxes to prep them at home ahead of time, try to do that instead.)

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  1. they look excellent! i love the look of the dried flowers! catching up on the rest of your diy week now.