Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Family pictures

Family pictures were important to us, but getting everybody together for them was like herding cats.  Mark's dad went to find his sisters and got lost somewhere in the nature center.  We felt anxious and stressed and were running behind.  I really wish we had taken care of these pictures right after the ceremony, when everybody was still by the ceremony site, and then gone into the woods.
Nonetheless, I'm glad we took them.  My favorite is actually the one of my Dad's side of the family - too big to line up, Kiersten took this picture off the balcony.
(by Prema Photographic)
I kind of wish we had done a shot of everybody from this vantage point, but that would have been huge and insane.  I also love the shots that some of our guests got while we were lining up from above

(Photos by a friend)


  1. beautiful! I love the cascading train of your dress.

  2. I love the balcony shot!! We're doing one of those at our venue and seriously, I'm SO EXCITED for it. Since it's right by where our ceremony is, we are going to try to get everyone in the photo (they only need to walk about 20 ft)..hopefully it works out :)