Monday, December 6, 2010

Getting ready space

Getting ready is where we made most of the mistakes.  We left the bridal salon after my makeup was done and everybody's hair was finished.  Two of the girls still had to do their makeup.  There was one major change we made without my thinking about it, which was I had somebody call Mark and tell him to get ready in the Fern room and that we would get ready in the classroom downstairs.  The classroom had more space to get dressed in, and in addition to the bridesmaids, the partners of the groomsmen were going to get dressed there as well.

The classroom at Irvine has a few major issues as a getting-ready space.  The biggest one is the huge windows on the doors that have no kind of shade.  Had we known, we would have brought tape and posterboard to cover them up, because people kept walking past and staring at me!  The other issue is that the elevator lets out downstairs, for handicapped access to the ceremony, and people didn't know which way to go, so they kept wandering past the classroom instead of going the other way around. If we had known this would be a problem, we would have put up signs and maybe had Irvine rope the area off.  Also, somebody upstairs was telling people who weren't handicapped to go ahead and use the elevator, which they shouldn't have done.

Irvine had a set of bathrooms downstairs, thank goodness, because nobody would let me go anywhere where Mark could potentially see me.  The lack of any private space in the Classroom though meant that all of the bridesmaids were getting ready in the bathroom, which made it kind of hard to actually use the bathroom.  I think, had I thought about it, it would have been good to have some kind of screen or changing curtain strung up or something.
The fern room, where the guys got ready, was completely empty.

Overall, I was glad we used the classroom - it had tables and chairs, which were very helpful for getting ready and spreading our stuff out.  The fern room was totally empty.  But I definitely felt extremely stressed out the whole time about how many people were wandering past and eventually my bridesmaids caught on and started telling people to go the other way.  

Also, can we discuss why everyone feels like they need to help the bride get dressed? I was very uncomfortable - I managed to get myself into my dress the entire time I was doing my dress fittings and didn't have a problem with it.  I didn't really want to strip down in front of a whole bunch of people and a photographer, and there is something super awkward about doing that in your wedding underpants.  So I did what any totally sane person does.  I kept my shirt on.  The pictures of me getting into the dress are terrible - I'm doing the awkward 8th grade gym class getting dressed, or I'm groping myself while my sister zips up the dress.
In retrospect, I think it might have worked out just as well to have the bridesmaids get ready at the hotel and just me get ready at Irvine - mostly, we would have discovered that I forgot my makeup and that one of the dresses had a faulty zipper ahead of time, which would have led to me discovering that I had stupidly packed my emergency kit into my overnight bag instead of with my stuff for the wedding itself.  At the same time, it was good to be at Irvine with people who were able to run around and do things for me because I didn't move from the Fern room (and ate two sandwiches, because I was starving).  There probably isn't a perfect way to work getting ready, so you might as well do what makes the most sense to you at the time.  It's probably not going to ruin your wedding.  I would advise you to schedule bridal portraits to start at least a half an hour before your ceremony.  I think if I had written this into the schedule, I would have been ready to go and more relaxed as we headed into the processional, instead of feeling really stressed out.


  1. This is going to be awkward for me if everyone tries to help me get dressed. My dress is so simple, that there isn't anything for anyone to do.

    I think the logistics of where you are going to get ready besides having an actual space to do so, often get over looked. There was no way for you to realize people would wander past your room, so don't worry that you should have planned better.

  2. i mom had a screen in the bridal room where she got dressed behind...and she asked me to pop back only duty was to stop anyone and everyone, especially the photographer from coming back there. her mom eventually had to come help guard because everyone was all, "I JUST WANT TO SEE!"

    this is a tangent: i completely believe that it's not the bride or groom who go NUTS for the wedding, but EVERYONE else.