Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Happiness on the dotted line?

So last week on Twitter, Bunny booked her reception and then tweeted about being nervous about it and feel like she should feel happy.  We all told her that "should" has no place in wedding planning.

The first big wedding thing I plunked down money for?  My dress.  And as soon as I had put the card on the counter, all I felt was anxious that I would change my mind.
I bought a dress before we had a venue, before it fit me, before we really knew what kind of wedding we had.  And it made me happy, in a "yay I got a good deal and I love the skirt" kind of way, but over time, it made me nervous because it didn't look anything like the other dresses I had fallen in love with.  

But like marriage, weddings are a question of choosing to take what you do have over everything you could have.  My dress isn't everything I wanted it to be, and it isn't the last dress I'll ever wear.  

When we locked in our venue, we felt relieved, but I also felt incredibly, indescribably nervous.  Mark's parents hadn't even seen it yet; what if they hated it?  Also, there were only 5 caterers on the list and the 3 that I had talked to were pretty far out of our price range (and non-responsive).  This was not reassuring.  It was very very nerve-wracking, but we were secure knowing that we had considered as many options as we could reasonably consider, and that Irvine was as close as we would get to perfect.  

The only contracts I felt really happy after we signed were our florist and our room contract.  
Our florist because it was a relief to know we weren't doing it ourselves, and we were getting great quality for a minimal amount of money.  I was super excited to be using somebody I trusted and who I knew did really great work.

All this, and more, for under $400.  Call Judy today!
The room contract felt really good to get signed because it was overdue and some family members were freaking out that we hadn't had a contract.  Also, it was the only thing in wedding planning that was free, so it made us pretty happy.  

Also, it's no surprise that our florist contract made me happy - it was probably the lowest priced contract we signed.  Signing away $400 is nothing compared to signing away $10,000.  

Also, I would recommend, when you do sign contracts, put the dates that the next deposit is due in the calendar - your vendors are probably not going to be on top of this - we heard from Judy that our final deposit was due, and only then did we realize we were a month overdue on our venue contract and a few weeks overdue on our catering contract.  So try to stay on top of that - because it really will slip through the cracks, and the last thing you need is to think you paid up and find out you didn't on your wedding day.  

What contracts made you feel good, bad, or anxious?  

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