Thursday, December 9, 2010

How I stopped worrying and felt like I was in a movie

I haven't written about our rehearsal because it was a disaster.  A f*cking disaster I don't care to relive by writing about everything that went wrong in greater detail than I have mentioned.  We had to set up the benches, and certain people were harping on which benches should go where and I sat down on one bench and found out the bench leg was broken because the next thing I knew, I was on the ground and my feet were somewhere over my head.  We were also running about an hour behind schedule.  All of our people were trying to do everything for us, but they also still had their own agendas - by which I mean, several of them had not listened to me when I told them where they should be, and when, and kept demanding to know what they should be doing, or were off on the side making their own plans which were not in keeping with what they were supposed to be doing.
Oh, and the photographer and I got lost in the cemetery.

So yeah, the rehearsal was terrible.  Except for two things: I realized that our two best wedding choices were our minister, who took charge and calmed everybody down, and our musicians.

Way back in January, I sat down to decide my walking-down-the-aisle song.  This was the only song I cared about.  I wanted to use my favorite song of all time, which is "Ghost" by the Indigo Girls.  My best friend from high school told me that I was insane, and I could not use a melancholy song about breaking up that got me over my high school boyfriend as my walking down the aisle song.  I protested that I wouldn't use the lyrics, and he still said, "hell no."  Which is how I wound up walking down the aisle to Great Big Sea's "Sea of No Cares", but the "living room version" that they play at their concerts (or at least the four I've been to), played on guitar by my two best guy friends from college.  Mark picked "Streets of London" as the song for the rest of the processional, and we picked Old 97's "Question" as our recessional.  The guys agreed to learn all three (and I think I gave them about 3 weeks notice for the other two songs) and were awesome.

It was amazing to walk down the aisle to that, but the best part was at the rehearsal, when Tom (one of the guys works on Saturday) started playing and I nearly cried.  I stopped thinking about all of the stress and horrible things going on and how Mark wasn't even rehearsing with us, he was telling the caterers where to put the tables, and I just relaxed and felt like finally my life had the soundtrack I always wanted it to.
(photo by Prema Photographic)

In addition to helping me relax during the rehearsal, it helped keep me grounded on the wedding day - I knew, that no matter what else happened, when I heard those chords strike up, I would just chill out and think, "this is my life and I am so freaking lucky to have these people in it."
(picture by a friend)
I didn't really think that I cared about the music - originally I thought we'd just walk down to some classic instrumental piece that Mark picked, but I'm so glad I put more thought into it and that I asked people who were really important to us to help us out.  These guys are not only two of the kindest people I've had the pleasure of knowing, they have been incredibly supportive of Mark and I since before we started dating, and have been nothing but happy for us over the past seven years.  So if you have the chance to include people you really love in your wedding like this, take it.  For me, at least, this felt a lot more meaningful and personal than if we had asked them to do a reading, and it made a huge difference in the feel of our ceremony.


  1. Our rehearsal was a disaster, too! I underestimated ALL that it entails. And I had no idea how many different personalities/agendas/opinions would emerge. It was a clusterf*ck, to say the least, and we ended up being an hour late to our rehearsal dinner. Whoops. Oh well. The wedding itself ended up going so much more smoothly, so I guess the rehearsal was a good thing in the end. Thank goodness. But this is all to say: I FEEL YOU.

  2. Oh reading about your ceremony music is really cool. I googled the acoustic version of Sea of No Cares and it's really pretty!

    We have some pretty important songs we're planning on that I already kind of consider the soundtrack to my life. I can only imagine hearing them at the wedding and what that might feel like.