Thursday, December 2, 2010

Made Up

I think one of the better choices we made was to have some people do makeup at the hair salon and have anyone who didn't have time there do it when we got to the venue.  One of the poorer choices we made was to decide to "touch up" my eyes and lips before the ceremony.  A long story short is that my bridesmaid's zipper broke on her dress (a Priscilla of Boston dress, no less) and she happened to be the bridesmaid doing my makeup.  So my eyes never got touched up and I had to do my mom's makeup.  My poor mom wound up just wearing a bit of poorly smudged on eyeshadow and some lipstick.  (I am incompetent.)  My mom hates makeup, so things worked out for her, and she looked great.

It helped a lot to have people get ready at the salon.  The mirrors at Irvine turned out to be less-than-great for getting ready.  

I've thought a lot about whether I would have/should have hired a professional make up artist.  In the end, I'm glad I didn't, because the amount of pointy things Bridesmaid L. kept sticking near my eyes, and how much she used her hands to smudge, I definitely wouldn't be comfortable letting another person do that to me.  She also joked with me the whole time to make sure I was chilled out and relaxed.  


  1. We did not have a MUA, and that was definitely the right choice for us. I'm pretty bombs at doing my own makeup because I've been wearing a full face of makeup everyday since I was 10. My MOH and I went to a clinique counter and had makeovers to get some more color ideas. In the end, I wore the exact same face of makeup that I wear every single day plus eyeliner which is how I fancify my makeup in any given situation. I looked and felt natural.

  2. purdy! loving the recaps, keep them comin.