Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My sister is awesome.

In case you had any questions.  Today is her birthday, so happy birthday!  Back in Septemeber, she organized a fantastic hobby-themed bridal shower for me and all I had to do was show up and guess stuff.
I'm not usually such a fan of "sniff the stuff" games, but this was actually really fun and great for a party where a lot of people cook.  It's called "What's white and in the kitchen?"  
Then it was time for gifts, which involved another game in which I had to guess what was attached to this apron:

I did way better at this game than the "guess things that Mark said" game.  In the guess-the-stuff game, I got everything right.  In the guess-the-things-Mark-said game, I got 9 things out of 20 right.  It turns out I don't listen very much when he talks.  These are things that marriage solves, right?

Me, acting really embarrassed that I didn't know any of the answers.  
And then there were gifts.  The gifts amazed me, because my family knows me so well.
I received wonderful cookbooks, cooking tools, things for running, sewing, and papercrafting, all wrapped in dishtowels, reusable bags, and leftover wrapping paper (my sister told everybody to be eco-conscious in their wrapping.)

I feel the need to play Vanna White at this kind of thing and hold everything up.  Also, the yellow dishtowel has an eggplant on it and is truly adorable.
 My sister also had everybody decorate a shirt for me to wear for our Wedding Day 5k - it was really fun!!!
Pictures of it in action:
Thanks for a fantastic shower, Margaret!!!  


  1. Did your sister throw your shower at someone's home? That's my ideal vision of a wedding shower, something casual where people can act naturally instead of in a formal banquet setting. I'd be willing to play games in someone's home. In a banquet hall...not so much.

  2. You are welcome :)