Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

So the thing about wedding jewelry is it's really hard to tell until you have everything together what will work, what will be too much, etc.
My headband, from Anthropologie - overpriced for a headband, underpriced for wedding wear.
We actually swapped rings in the Salon - my mom, my sister and I all have the same ring size, so we spent awhile trading rings back and forth - this is my mom's ring, which is gorgeous.
Wearing my "proper" jewelery - my grandmother's ring and my own engagement ring.
My necklace and earrings
The bracelet that Mark gave me for our first Valentine's Day together.  
My veil, with added bling - which worked out well, as it did not wave around at all.
When you add a fancy headband, the gem earrings and sparkley necklace are just...a lot. So I had a lot of trouble settling on what to wear.  My sister and I went on a quick shopping trip two days before the wedding, and then my sister offered me her wedding necklace, which I had turned down in the past.
It was all sparkles, and the style of it actually would work really well with my sweetheart neckline (I was concerned that it wouldn't, because her dress had a v-neck and I thought the necklace was longer than it was.)  So she let me borrow it, and besides being really pretty, it was really cool to get to wear something of hers.  Plus it gave me an extra "something borrowed" so my grandmother's engagement ring could just be my "something old".
As an additional something old, I tied my grandmother's pendant around my bouquet (couldn't find my ribbon, so I went with what they had in the classroom at Irvine..)

And while we're on it, my something blue was decided on at the last minute at the nail something blue, on the beach in San Diego:
It was funny, because with a dress that was 18 months old (and was a sample from a few years back), I didn't really have much that was "new" - my headband and shoes were the newest things that I wore.

Did you do the old/new/borrowed/blue thing or say hang it all to tradition?


  1. I love your headband and blue toes. I'm pretty much going to be head-to-toe blue and old. Still need something borrowed, and a two-pence for my shoe.

  2. love your blue polish and the rings look beautiful!

  3. Hee hee, I did blue toes, too! I didn't have something borrowed until the day of, when one of my BMs lent me a bobby pin she'd worn in her wedding. How she kept it all these years and still knew which one it was, I have no idea. But we snuck in just behind my feather, so I'd know which one it was when I took it out.