Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So our recessional was awesome for a few reasons.  One, bubbles:
Two: Coming up the aisle, we got to see everybody we loved and really take in that they were all here, in one place, for us.
I don't remember what made me laugh here.
Three: Once we were actually fully recessed, Mark and I just said to each other, "so the trail is all the way over there and everyone is still watching us...what do we do???" "Run?" So we bolted.
I had an unladylike way of hiking my skirts up pretty high. By which I mean...still below where my suits fall, but somehow people thought I was quite scandalous. 
Four: The woods.
We got a headstart on the wedding party walking into the woods (which in retrospect was way longer than necessary) so as we wandered down the trail, we said things like, "so we're really married?" "yeah" "huh."  "So if I want to, I can be Mrs. Yourfirst Yourlast?" "I guess???" "I mean, it's really weird and I won't, but I could."  Then we talked about our days.  Mine was easy, his was hard.  

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  1. I love the pictures of you guys walking in the woods. They look so romantic and the lighting makes your dress look even more beautiful.