Friday, December 10, 2010

Teach...your children well...

Our wedding looked a little (maybe a lot) Jewish.  We tried really hard to not appropriate traditions, and we steered clear of most things that were very religious in nature, but I grew up going to Jewish weddings and the thing that struck me as absolutely, unequivocally, wonderfully something I wanted was having both my parents walk me down the aisle.  It didn't occur to me that Mark could possibly feel the same way, until he said, "well, of course I want my parents to walk me down the aisle."  I think it's a really wonderful way for the parents and kid to connect before the ceremony, and I know my mom really loved it.  I will also say that I have been to several Jewish weddings with divorced parents, and there is something really incredible about the way that I have seen the parents set aside their differences and take pride in walking their child down the aisle.

And just for fun, the rest of our processional, mostly so you can see how great our bridesmaids dress combo of navy dresses with green sashes looked:
And the pretty pretty flowers from Flowers by Judy.  Are bouquets necessary? No, but I'm so glad we spent the money on them.
(The problem with our venue was that everybody could already see me by the time my sister came down the aisle...oh well.)  

All pictures by Prema Photographic.

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  1. We were going to get walked up the aisle by both of our parents too because I imagined it would create a nice moment for each of us and I like the symbolism of each of us walking in with our families of origin, until my parents started being such a pain in the @ss. I'm not sure if I want them escorting me or not now. But you better believe that if I am escorted by them, Mr. Beagle will be escorted by his too. (We're leaning toward walking up the aisle together right now.)