Friday, December 3, 2010

Vendor review: Flaunt on the Avenue

That I would get my hair done was a no-brainer for me.  I'm pretty low-maintenance, but I really love to feel pretty, and I generally feel prettier if somebody else does the work.  Getting my hair done, even if it's just cut and blown dry, makes me feel pretty.  All this is my way of saying that sometimes in the planning, the blogs made me feel guilty for being willing to shell out a lot for my fancy hair do. To which I say, eff it, I looked really really good and as I reminded myself at Barrister's Ball this year, I am rubbish at doing my own hair.  Lindsay Hall is fantastic at doing my hair.  Also she makes me feel relaxed and happy.  So getting my hair done was a win. 

Our hair salon was Flaunt on the Avenue in Hampden.  My stylist (Lindsay Hall) opened this place back in March and if you need a fun atmosphere and a great stylist, look no further.  Lindsay is fantastic and the other two girls who were working that day with her were also phenomenal - I think they were Missy and Jenny. 
The salon is hot pink and totally, totally Baltimore. 

Lindsay made sure to have enough people on staff that morning that we would get out with plenty of time, and we didn't feel rushed when we headed out (we actually left ahead of schedule). 

I'm not sure what the exact total for my updo was, because my mom paid for hers, mine, and my sister's together, but it was under $100, which compared to some of the other "bridal" hair places I had checked out, was really reasonable.  I also did a trial to make sure I was okay with the style, and even though originally I had thought it was unnecessary, I'm really glad I did - even though I didn't change anything. 
Lindsay also did a great job on our mom's hair - she gave Mark's mom her first updo ever, which looked fantastic, and she made my mom look really fabulous.  All day, I kept telling my mom how great her hair looked.
 My mom and I have the same problems with flippy-out ness of our hair - but Lindsay took care of it!

Also, when we got to the salon, the girls offered us wine and refreshments and kept refilling things, and it's location in Hampden meant it was easy for a quick bagel run.  It was a little out-of-the-way from our hotel and from Irvine, but considering everything we went through with the hotel (wet carpet in my hotel room and a customer service department that still hasn't followed up with me about it? seriously?) and how hard it was to have both Mark and I at Irvine, going to the salon turned out to be the right choice. 
Did you go to the salon or have somebody come to you?  Did you get your hair done at all? 

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