Monday, December 27, 2010


Okay, so nobody really uses your wedding website to find out about the wedding, and they will ask you things in the week before like "what time is the wedding?" and "what is the hotel".  But nonetheless, it is nice to have a wedding wed-site, and I liked our google site because it made it easy to RSVP to the wedding, and it was free.  But really, we had a lot of other free options, and if I was doing it again, I would do our wed-site differently.

However, what I might have opted to do instead is create a Shutterfly Share Site.  Which I did on Christmas Eve to get 30 free prints.
It has a sleek layout and easy-to-use photo marquee.  

I thought I would just create the site and then leave it be and never touch it again because hey, I only did it for the free prints.  But it's really easy to use, you can post photo albums and blog-post type details, add a bunch of neat pages, add a calender, and do other stuff.  You can also create your own custom-ish URL which is way easier to remember than the Knot's free wedsite URLs.  The only con seems to be there is no way to do an RSVP site, but if you are not doing online RSVPs, then it's no problem.  

You can also password protect your Share Site.  The really great thing though, is that you can let other people add photos and videos to your site, so it could be used after the wedding for uploading (I have no idea what the file limits are).  

The features that the Share site has that make it great for a free wed-site are:
1.) Easy album uploading.  It would have been nice to have a place to upload pictures directly to as we got them, especially pictures of things like our engagement shoots, etc.  It was annoying to upload those to our google site, so we didn't.  
2.) Easy blog-posting.  It might have been nice to have a family blog where we could post things like, "We just booked our honeymoon! We're going to San Francisco and San Diego!"
3.) Easy updating and editing.  Our google site was kind of a pain to update - I kept creating pages, and then updating them but not listing them in the right path so they wouldn't show up and every time I had to remember the right path.  It was kind of a pain.  
4.) Pretty templates
5.) Lets guests order prints directly from your album, so you can upload pro-pics and then they can order right from there.  
6.) You can transfer it easily to being not-wedding-y by changing the background and transitioning it into your family/grown-up site.  

So in review: Shutterfly Share = Easy and Pretty and lasts beyond the wedding.  Give it a chance - it's free and you can delete it if you hate it.  And you get 30 free prints, plus 50 just for signing up for a Shutterfly account.  

Shutterfly did not sponsor this post, I was just really impressed by the Share site and wanted to share it with you.  

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