Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dance Lessons

Mark and I took dance lessons together before the wedding.  Okay, we took them six years ago, but still, they were before the wedding.  When I first met Mark, he went took ballroom dancing classes with a few friends and went out dancing on a regular basis.  Before we even started dating, I pressured him to teach me to waltz, which he did, in the hallway of my dorm.  The first time we danced together was amazing - I felt like Sleeping Beauty at the end of the Disney movie where they are dancing around on the clouds.  I was sold on learning to dance.

I'm not a good dancer, but Mark is an excellent dancer and when he leads, I can follow [Ed. note: I'm not an excellent dancer, but I can keep a beat and do a basic step].  I took three sessions of ballroom classes and we danced for about a year at The Promenade when we first started dating, but we fell out of practice with it once our friends that danced with us all moved away.

When we went to pick a first dance, we knew we wanted a waltz, since it's one of our favorite dances.  This is a lot more restrictive than picking a song that you like, and dancing to it.  We had a really hard time picking a waltz though.  We went through all of the options, and couldn't find anything that we liked.  There is one that I love, but Mark vetoed it early on.  They always play it at The Promenade and it's a little cheesy.  But to be honest, it's a song that I love and I kind of always thought would be our first dance song, and when we were approaching October with no song chosen, I suggested it to Mark again and he was on board with it..  

So we had a song, and then I started to panic that we hadn't practiced, that Mark would step on my dress, that I would mess everything up.  Our plan was to move the dining room table and practice, but I was worried about being confined.  So we headed out to The Promenade for practice space, which is for $5 an hour per person, you can practice all you want.  We played the song over and over on Mark's Touch, on speakers (but both having it on an iPod with headphones, or with headphone splitters, would have been easier to hear).  We worked through what we remembered of the steps for the waltz, practiced what we knew, and decided how long to have the DJ play the song for before it felt to long (he actually wound up not fading it, which was kind of frustrating).

When it came time for our first dance, we took to the floor, found out that I couldn't step backwards on my hem, and we just danced.  It was good to not have choreography and worry about doing certain things at certain times, but I definitely wish Mark had spun me around more, because he only did it like, twice, and I love being spun, and Kiersten wasn't able to capture the spinning.  But I love the shots she did get:
Sure, he's having fun.

And a quick note: be prepared for the paparazzi:

Did you pick a dance or a song?


  1. You guys waltzed?! Excuse a moment but, awwwwwwwwwwwww. That is super romantic.

    I always wanted to date a guy who danced. Alas, was not in the cards for me. You lucky girl.

  2. Hehehe, paparazzi. Our friends wanted to do a waltz when they got married too, and their first dance was to "I'll Be" which was pretty cool. Ours is going to be a bit...different, but it's based more on a song. Two songs actually. We're pretty much going for epic awesomeness.

  3. So romantic!
    I love the post..maybe I will also do the same during my wedding:)..so sweet...