Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good-bye 2010

I see people do year in review posts all the time, so I thought I'd do one with some of my favorite posts from 2010, ones that I really enjoyed writing or that got a really nice & supportive response from our readership.

For starters, back in January, I wrote a post for Blog for Choice Day.  I was really scared to post this, but it was so well received and you all were so thoughtful and kind in your responses - that was really cool.  We also booked our photographer, which was a weight off our minds.

In February, we celebrated out Engage-a-versary.  Also Snowpocalypse came to town.  I experienced some serious wedding burnout.  Then I said "eff it" and booked a florist.  I shared my favorite vows ever with you.  I also introduced you to my "lie" strategy of wedding planning.

In March, DC passed gay marriage!!!  I wrote about why I wouldn't be applying to Weddingbee, I bought Buff Brides and liked it, and we registered without signing up for the Wedding Channel.  Miss Guniea Pig and I got together and made our veils.

In April, I wrote about bridesmaid dress shopping.  We also booked our caterer.  We got Mark a tux.  I wrote about "why don't you just?" questions and why they are soooo annoying.

In May, I graduated from law school.  I started studying for the bar.  We ordered and assembled our invitations so they would be ready to go out.  We booked our minister.  We took engagement pictures.  We ordered bridesmaids dresses.
In June, I booked my makeup artist.   I talked about including Mark in decisions even if I didn't want to.  We moved.  I studied for the bar.  We booked a DJ.  
(our old apartment)
In July, we solidified our rehearsal dinner details.  (Although we booked it way earlier.)  I bought shoes.  I studied for the bar.  I took the bar.    I beaded my own veil.  

In August, I joined the campaign.  It ate my life.  I wrote about how hard it was to blog about the wedding and plan the wedding all at once.  I got our marriage license.  We checked stuff off the list.  We picked tux vests.  I talked about forgiving yourself in wedding planning.  I went to my first dress fitting.  I did a hair trial.  I did my first triathlon.  

In September, we won the election and I realized how much I missed in planning.  We planned our Wedding Weekend 5k.  I shared our invitations.  I wrote about delegating and trusting people.  My parents found my mom a dress for the wedding.  
My sister threw me an awesome shower:
Leading up to the wedding in October was a DIY frenzy.  I shared my to-do list strategies.  I signed off and we got married!  I came back and started sharing the details, do-overs, and things that went wrong.  I offered some advice.  We also lost my grandmother, and you all were so supportive.  We got our professional pictures back.  
In November, we talked about some of the harder stuff.  Regrets, things you should do early, the surrealness of getting married.  We talked rings and pretty pretty pictures.  Oh, and I passed the bar.  

In December, I shared our DIY projects, including our ceremony.  I finally opened up about my post-wedding depression.  I got sworn in and am officially an attorney.  

All photos by Kiersten of Prema Photographic, Mark, or my friend Amy.  

All in all, it's been a pretty nutty year.  It's been a lot of really good stuff, but we had to take a lot of really bad stuff to go along with it.  2011 is looking a lot calmer for us, which will be nice.  I know a lot of you are psyched because you're getting married this year!!!  Yay.  Enjoy the process - the fun is in the journey, not just the destination.  I realized in writing this post how much time I got to spend with friends and family while planning our wedding, how much the wedding let me stretch and grow creatively, and how much of an outlet the wedding was when things were crazy in other parts of my life.  Wedding planning is stressful and difficult, but a lot of it can be a lot of fun, and if it's not fun, don't do it.  

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  1. Such a big year and so many great posts. Thanks for the recap!