Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

PWC posts usually bore me to tears.  They're always something along the lines of, "omg my hair got SO LONG before my wedding and then I FINALLY got it cut the DAY after and I FEEL LIKE ME AGAIN!!!" with a before and after picture where the bride had SUPER long hair and then OMG shoulder length hair!!!  I'm sorry, that was a bit harsh.  But I generally feel that you should feel like you on your wedding day, not the day after.  Anyway, this isn't one of those posts.  This is a post about how a haircut changed my life.

It might seem like I'm a hypocrite: I had short hair when we got engaged, and long hair the day we got married.  My hair wasn't really long by anyone's standards though, and for most of the time I was "growing my hair out", it remained above my shoulders.
This is my hair at our rehearsal dinner - it was long enough for a short ponytail, which was a lifesaver during the last few weeks of Bar prep and the campaign, but not much more.
I would like to point out that my wedding day hair is the length of most of the PWCs I see.

After the wedding, I was going to go in for a post-wedding chop.  But then something happened.  Or rather, something didn't.  I didn't get a job.  I didn't even get an interview until December (and the rejection letter for that one came in the mail last week).  I figured that since all I did all day was sit around in my pajamas, I didn't need a haircut.  I figured that since I'm unemployed, I shouldn't spend my husband's hard earned money on some trivial thing like a haircut for myself.  I figured that since I have nothing but time, I should be able to spend an hour blow drying and fixing up my hair.  
So by my swearing in, I looked like this:
No, it's not "bad", just stringy and limp and unprofessional.

After New Years, Mark and I sat and had a serious talk about how money was going to work with my being unemployed.  I needed to stop kidding myself and recognize that this wasn't a temporary setback.  I needed to be able to be comfortable spending our money without feeling like I had to ask for permission or feeling like I was earning it for myself.  There are a lot of things that are very difficult about being a single-income household, but unquestionably, spending money on something that is just for me is what I will have the hardest time with.  I have generally preferred to do without, rather than feel guilty, or feel like one of those women whose husband complains about her spending all of his money on expensive haircuts and shoes.  
Anyway, I trekked up to Flaunt a few weeks ago and got my post-wedding chop.  Which was the first haircut I had gotten since the Bar exam.  And I could not be happier.  

Once I had my new haircut, I felt not "like myself again", but rather, I finally felt like a goddamn lawyer.  I felt like a professional.  I felt like a girl who graduated from law school magna cum laude and passed the bar exam on her first try and earned the right to introduce herself to people at parties and say, "I'm an attorney" instead of saying, "I'm unemployed."  Since I got my haircut, I've had the nerve to follow up with people, I've gotten out and made volunteering happen, I've been networking more, and I'm getting more aggressive in my job search.  Maybe it's just because I'm sick of sitting at home, doing nothing, and feeling like I'm doing nothing, but I'm pretty sure it's because when I look in the mirror, instead of seeing a sad lazy girl with a ponytail, I see a smart young lawyer who owes it to herself, her husband, and her parents to get out there and get herself a job.  And yeah, if you had told me all of this three weeks ago, I would have told you that you were full of cr*p and a haircut couldn't make that much of a difference.  But if you're in my situation, and you too have been depriving yourself of a fantastic haircut, do whatever it takes to make it happen.  It is surprising, but it will make a difference.  

Did you have a life changing haircut?


  1. Your new cut is super cute! I actually had a couple inches off mine after the wedding (nothing drastic) and miss my longer hair. I'm not crazy about the "kinda long, kinda medium" length. I may do something more drastic and low-maintenance at my next appointment :)

  2. So in my younger, more innocent, less wedding-blog-clogged days, I thought that "chopping" your hair meant cutting off enough to change your whole look, not going from "crazy long" to "long." So AMEN to your snarking at the beginning of your post.

    Sadly, I think my hair looks less professional when it is short, because when it is long I can just pull it back into the simple bun of professionalism. I'm still planning on going back to shooooooort hair after the wedding though. And posting a "PWC" post. Let's be honest.

    Anyway, your haircut looks great!

  3. Oh man, I am so with you on this! When I was unemployed I felt the same about haircuts. Even paying to go to the gym. It felt self-indulgent and like I was wasting the Beagle's money. If I was going to spend money, it should be on something for the two of us.

    I'm so glad to hear you've broken past that barrier (which I actually never conquered) and have gotten a haircut. You do look professional and super cute I might add! Yay for short hair! I always feel more on top of my game when I know my hair looks good.

  4. You look awesome. And you make such a good point about feeling confident and professional. Hopefully this will have lots of good effects on your job hunt/productivity! maybe i should make some similar investments to amp up my search...

  5. I hope my post wasn't too boring! I was just too hot with my thick long hair! This reminds me I still need to donate my hair!

  6. Re: Did you have a life changing haircut?

    Jesus no, but I think I'm about to. So THAT'S what has been holding me back from more committed job searching as grad school rapidly draws to a close...not my serious procrastination problems, but rather not having cut my hair in (seriously) ten months. Now that I've put that in writing, I am about to go schedule something at Aveda salon. Thanks, Ellie;-)