Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hora

When I was 12, I went to my first real wedding - before that, all I had been to was the reception of my babysitter's wedding when I was something like four years old.  At twelve, my cousin got married.  He had a Jewish wedding.  I'd only ever seen weddings on TV and this was in the nineties, so I didn't see a whole lot of Jewish weddings.  The ceremony was mostly explained in the programs, since many of the attendees of the wedding were not Jewish.  After that, I attended more Jewish weddings, and a couple Bar Mitzvahs.  Absolutely the funnest part looked like the Hora.  At one wedding, they lifted the bride, the groom, the entire wedding party, and then the parents.  It was awesome.
At my cousin's wedding, and the first non-Jewish wedding in the family, we hijacked the playlist and performed our own Hora.  We did it at my cousin's wedding last fall as well.  Ultimately, this was something that bound us together as a family, whether it was part of our heritage or not.  So yeah, we put Hava Nagila on the playlist and found chairs with arms.  
I love this picture.  The man dancing to my left is my cousin's husband, and he dances a mean hora.  I think he was leading the circle.
There is something totally amazing about being lifted in the chairs at the same time as your husband - it's horrifying, and it's fun, and it's a really wonderful moment in which you feel connected to your partner and your family and it's really everything weddings are about.  I know that our wedding would not have felt complete without it, and I'm really glad we did it, no matter who thought it was weird.  (Or, as one of our chair lifters mentioned last night, heavy.)


  1. aww! that sounds so fun...the photo is beautiful!

  2. Yes! I am so looking forward to this!