Thursday, January 13, 2011

Really Easy Inspiration Boards

Inspiration boards are great for wedding planning, and they are so easy to make, especially in Google Picasa.  For example, before my florist meetings, I saved designs I liked and then had Picasa make a collage (or inspiration board).  That meant that all the designs I wanted printed out in one easy page, all one size.  It meant that the florist could look at the single page and get a feel for what I wanted.  It also meant that I could look at everything together and get a sense of the common elements and what drew me to each bouquet.  I did the same thing with hairstyles.

My hairstyle collage - common themes - volume, headbands, curls.

You can probably use other programs, but since I already use Picasa for photo-management and editing, Picasa is easiest for me.  To create a collage or inspiration board in Picasa, start by downloading Picasa.  Then go ahead and find pictures and save them all in one folder in your wedding inspiration file - for example, "Hair".  Once you have as many pictures as you want, open up Picasa - it should detect them, or you will need to tell it to import the file.  Go through them and decide which pictures you want in your board, and then click the "hold" button down at the bottom next to the tray.  Then hit the Collage button down on the bottom.  Picasa will create a draft of your collage.  You can either use "Mosaic" or "Grid" to create an effective looking collage or inspiration board.  

Once you have your collage, you can easily move your pictures around so that certain pictures are bigger or smaller, depending on what you want to be the focal point.  I made this one with our wedding pictures, in case anybody needs a navy and green nature wedding inspiration board (all photos except the one of our invites are courtesy of Prema Photographic.)

Looking at everything pulled together makes me feel really good about how cohesive our wedding looked, even though the greens didn't all match and a bunch of stuff was kind of a hodgepodge of design elements.  I think we also got a lot of help from nature and the beautiful weather that we had, which is clearly visible here.  

So there you go - how to make super easy inspiration boards for your planning pleasure!


  1. I love the idea of doing a board AFTER the wedding to see how everything came together! Can't wait to do this with our photos!

  2. great idea to use picasa, I've been using the inspiration board maker at, but I'm going to try this picasa one instead.