Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Snowball Dance

I had never heard of the Snowball Dance until we were delayed in the airport coming home from our friend's wedding in Cape Cod.  The airport had free WiFi, so I added songs to the playlist on the DJ's software while we waited.  Our best man asked if we were doing "the Snowball Dance".  The snowball dance, it turns out, is a way to get people on the dance floor after the couple's first dance.  The newlyweds start the dancing, and then you run out and grab another two people.  Then you all dance, then you grab another four people.  Then dance, then you grab another eight people.  We decided it sounded like fun, so we asked Walt to pick a few songs and we started the snowball dance after we were done with our parent-child dances.
After about 30 seconds, we broke and ran out and grabbed two unsuspecting victims - our best man and his wife.

Fortunately, they knew how the game was played, and we broke and grabbed more victims.  Pretty soon, we had as many people as we could fit on the floor.

This was the only time during the night that I got the chance to dance with a few of my favorite people, and also my only chance to grab people like Mark's dad and make sure I got a dance in.
It worked out really well, and I would recommend it, but be sure to ask your DJ to announce the breaks to go get new partners - we wound up kind-of winging it, since Walt only announced the first break.  It's also really fun to look through our pictures and see some of the random couplings that happened.
If you are at all concerned about people not dancing at your wedding, I would highly recommend doing a snowball dance - it's a lot of fun and it fed right into a fun swing dance where everybody stayed out on the floor.

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