Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm stalling on the recaps because well, eventually they have to end and I have to figure out what the future of the blog is.  So I'm going to keep stalling, and show you what Anna and the Ring affectionately referred to as "the Money shot" on Twitter the other day.  I'm sure you've seen this shot, because it's actually my favorite.  I'm gonna level with you - our photographer cost almost as much as my engagement ring.  And this is the picture that I look at if I ever wonder whether hiring a professional was worth it.  (Although I don't wonder that.)

Not that I've ever wondered.  I know I was the one who said I didn't want "art", I wanted really good pictures that captured the day.  I could bullshit you and tell you that it captures how at peace I felt with my new husband during my first dance, or say I really feel like it shows how much we love each other.  I could tell you that the bracelet on my wrist is purple and that makes me indie-blogger badass.  The reality is...I was nervous during our first dance.  I don't think that this picture shows how much we love each other.  But somehow, I think it captures the hugeness of getting married, and what our minister said - that now, we never again will be alone.  There is an "us against the world" ness of this picture, and I think that's what I love.