Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Tent

Remember how we moved into the Big Tent and then there was no room for paper lanterns or poms?  That was a good thing, because man, that would have been one heckuva not-worth-it PITA. It was also a good thing, because Irvine had already decorated the tent with haybales and corn-husks for their annual fall gala.  My cousin and his wife did the dirty work of clearing out all the old centerpieces and rearranging the haybales and taking the gingham bows off the cornhusks (and then tying our wedding colors around them) to make the tent look presentable.  It wound up looking really great, through no effort on our part.
See those corn-husks?  We didn't bring those.

Or the haybales:

But they worked, and they were free, so we kept them.  I'm only saying this, because I do not want you to read the blog and think "we MUST wrap our tent poles in something".  You don't.  In fact, please don't, it sounds like an awful lot of work.  

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  1. Pre-wrapped tent poles in corn stalks and extra hay bales sound like wedding magic to me!