Thursday, January 6, 2011


In some ways, it's true what they say - you may very well not remember what the people who make toasts to you say.  But you will always remember how you felt - a little uncomfortable, but a lot loved.  A whole lot loved.
Just look at my Dad:
Do I remember exactly what he said?  No.  But he told a story about my childhood, and it wasn't as embarrassing as I was afraid it would be.  He also made it relevant, and it was really cute.  
Look at how pleased Mark is.  

Our best man got up and basically told all of our guests that we are giant nerds.  Because the lightsaber at the wedding didn't tip them off already.  
But really, how often do you get to see great man-hugs like this?
The speech I remember most of is my sister's.  Because you guys, somehow, my big sister always knows when something is wrong and she knows the right thing to say to fix it.  It's an important skill.  So we spent our whole wedding day feeling confused about how not-married we felt.  And then my sister came along and fixed it.  She started out by asking us, "how's married life?" and then asking, "do you feel different?" and told us we would hear this a lot.  
Then, she said the one thing I carried around with me in my pocket until I did, in fact, feel married.  She said, "It's kind of like birthdays.  You don't always feel older on your birthday, but someday, you just wake up and you feel old."  
The rest of what she said, I don't so much remember.  Oh, except she said that ever since the night that Mark and I first met (she was there), we all knew that this day was where we were heading.  Which may have made me do this:
Why yes, those are the custom embroidered handkerchiefs I made Mark.
We had a few impromptu toasts, all very sweet.  My cousin got up and said a few words:
And one of my childhood friends who I have known since she was born closed us out by talking about how impressive it is that I didn't fall down during our first dance.  
It made sense at the time.  
Then I got up and thanked everybody.  I am usually good at this kind of impromptu public speaking:
but I had to let Mark take over:


  1. I have to give a toast at my best friend's wedding (I'm maid of honor). I'm furiously taking notes in my head.

  2. so sweet and touching...i think the people who GIVE the toasts usually remember the wording way better than those who hear them...because of the time and what not. but the result and the message is so much more important to note...excellent post.