Monday, January 17, 2011


I was adamant about wanting the DJ to play single ladies and not during the bouquet toss.  We ran out of time to play Single Ladies, but I picked a different bouquet toss song anyway - Supermodel, by Jill Sobule.  I think you might recognize it from Clueless, but it's a really fun girlie song.  I did the bouquet toss because I happen to be mostly friends with young women in their mid-twenties who are in serious relationships and haven't been to a lot of weddings, so the bouquet toss tends to be more fun with that demographic - nobody really feel shamed by the toss or like it's a judgment on their being single in their thirties.

I got up to toss the bouquet and nearly fell off the stage.  I was going to use my tosser bouquet, but it was in my dressing room, so I pitched my SIL's bouquet instead.  When I got up on the stage, I very nearly fell off, so watch your footing if you are climbing on anything.
Then I tossed it.
Then my good friend Amy caught it.  This was very exciting for us, but probably not her boyfriend.
Then we danced for a bit.  Then I sadly had to run off the dance floor to deal with family obligations, which was kind of annoying.  It is okay to say "not right now" to a non-urgent family situation, and instead boogie down with your friends.  But it's okay, because we got back to dancing soon enough.
I know that the bouquet toss is grotesque to some people - but for my group of friends, it was fun, and by some, appreciated - my girl friends are mostly girls in their mid-twenties in serious relationships on the verge of getting engaged.  Pretty much every girl on the floor for the toss has a serious boyfriend, and a couple of the girls actually welcomed the toss.  I think if I had a large group of truly single friends, or my friends were older, or the bouquet toss was mandatory, it would have been less fun.  I think you really have to know your crowd to know if the toss is the right choice for your group.  
Did you toss anything?  Will you be tossing anything?  


  1. I'm not tossing anything, nor is the Beagle, but I think you are right about that demographic. Our friends pretty much fit in that demographic too, and no one feels singled out or weird about it. Although, in 2-3 years, it is going to start getting a bit awkward as more of us are going to be married.

  2. We aren't doing the toss, but it's only because before we were engaged I HATED going out there. HATE HATE HATE. When I was 18, sure it was fun, but after college I dreaded that part of the wedding. I used to try to hide in the bathroom during that part. I don't know why I have "issues" about the bouquet toss :)

  3. Thank God I'm not the only one still doing this! I get why people don't want to, but I think it's fun. My friends are mostly in their early 20s and single, and Daniel's are mostly in their late 20s and in serious relationships, and I feel like this works. I can't imagine any of them being offended at any rate.