Monday, February 14, 2011

Baltimore Sun states the obvious

But does it in a gender neutral tone!  

This morning when reading the Sun's headlines, I saw their "20 great places to propose" which is basically a standard list of every tourist/hip location in Baltimore, but includes language like, "Once he or she says yes, go next door to Sofi's Crepes and indulge in something sweet."  It continually refers to "your partner" and "your betrothed".  It's possible that the non-sexist language is a nod to the current gay-marriage legislation, but nonetheless, it was a really refreshing change of pace from all the, "she's sure to know you love her when you propose in this super romantic location after an expensive meal."  

We just hit our 2-year "engageaversary" which we celebrated by going to a free brunch at the Rusty Scupper (they sent his parents a giftcard for brunch as a thank-you for hosting the rehearsal lunch there).  We got engaged at Place No. 7, Federal Hill, and is described as, "It's a casual approach to a proposal, but also one that won't stress anyone out with over-planning."  

Did any other Baltimore couples get engaged someplace on the list?  


  1. Good for the Baltimore Sun for making some gender equality progress.