Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Wedding Video

We got our wedding video back, and I'll remind you - I asked a friend who does video to shoot it, and gave her my parent's camera.  Which I thought was an HD video camera but it turns out it's not a true HD camera...or something.  Anyway, the video is awesome.  Not because it's amazing quality and perfect cinematography, but because it gives us the chance to watch our wedding as guests, without over thinking everything.  We rewatched our ceremony after we got it and we laughed and commented on everything that happened.

I will tell you, I've looked through our wedding pictures about a million times, and everytime I see them, I glow.  I feel really happy, just like I was, when I look at them.  But watching the video brought in a whole different kind of glowing.  My heart swelled and I watched us laugh and cry and become husband and wife all over again, it really was like we got to relive it.  Which is different than how I feel about looking at the pictures.  It was really magical to get to watch our minister say those words to us again, words we didn't listen to as closely as we should have the first time, and remind ourselves of the promises we made.  Because I can look at the pictures and remember that yes, we made vows.  And I remember basically what they said.  And I can read them on our marriage contract, but ultimately, nothing compared to watching them again.  So yes, it's worth it to go to the trouble of finding somebody, anybody, to tape it.

Am I really glad we didn't spend $800 on a professional videographer?  Yes.  But am I nonetheless extremely happy that our friend video'd and edited the whole thing for us?  Yes.  Because I don't know anything about editing and the whole thing would have sat on my hard drive until our children were grown and having their own weddings and asked to see our DVDs.

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