Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Websites

Over the weekend we went up to New Jersey to visit Mark's parents, and we did a few things for his sister's wedding while we were there.  When L. got engaged, I suggested to her that she use a "real" wedding company for their wedsite, because I felt like our Google site looked like, well, a google site.  We checked the options with Google Weddings, but their designs were so limited that we turned to a few other company's.  I googled "free wedding wedsite" and came up with two I really liked.

The first was Project Wedding, which is what L. went with.  The nice thing about them is unlike The Knot, the wedding wedsite is easy to remember and type in - it's

The second site that I loved was My Wedding.  They have some really gorgeous designs, including ones inspired by Offbeat Bride, which are totally fun and funky.  I fell in love with this music notes one, which would have been perfect for my friends Mike & Stacy.  
Plus, you can get matching invitations and some of the invites are pretty reasonably priced.

Both sites have an RSVP page, which is nice.  Ours was messed up because Mark and I didn't communicate enough about it and we used a Google form site, but it was at a different URL, which was the problem.  This is a problem that is potentially solved with the Google Weddings sites.

But we used Google Sites and since we're keeping our URL, we decided last night to redesign the site.  Then I went ahead and did it without asking Mark for input.  Since I love the newer trends of using typewriter style fonts, but they didn't suit our wedding, I went with Courier and the "Notebook" theme for our new post-wedsite.  I feel like this version of our site looks much slicker than the old one, and a little less like a totally amateur google site, but it's still not as slick as the Project Wedding or My Wedding sites.
One thing you can do with Google sites though, is put on a pretty nice slideshow of images.  We already had a slideshow of our professional pics on the front page, but I put in a slideshow of our honeymoon and may add one of our engagement pictures as well.  

I didn't really know what to do, so I put in a little "write up" of our wedding with a note about when we got married and also included the reading from The Irrational Season from our ceremony.  I left our registry on there because some people have mentioned that they haven't gotten us a gift yet (although we closed out the Pampered Chef registry already.)

I feel like once we have a pet, a child, or a house, we would add a blog-type page so that people can read updates about what is going on, but right now, we don't have much going on.  Which is, frankly, a good thing.  


  1. We used our wedding website a lot and got a lot of traffic from guests. It was hosted by Wedding Window - I think there was a fee but it wasn't bad. They had a lot of helpful templates/forms & I would recommend them if L or anyone else is still looking.

  2. I liked (& used) the free web sites from They had some fun templates to choose from & the addresses were short & sweet. There are definitely more free, stylish web sites than ever!

  3. I love Project Wedding wedsites! I originally was going to use another site, but Project Wedding was so much better that I redid the whole thing.

  4. We used Project Wedding, too. You can get matching invitations/paper suites to many of their templates, also. It was super easy to customize, and easy for our guests to navigate. I loved that we could customize a map with whatever we wanted to showcase, and the guests could print that out for themselves if they wanted.

  5. We used It's fine - does the job. :-)