Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wedding Weekend: The Aquarium!

Now that I've recapped most of the reception, I'm going to rewind all the way back to Friday night.  Because it was awesome, and I wanted to share this with anyone who is wondering whether they should DIY their flowers the day before the wedding or if they would rather spend that time with their families.

The best part about our wedding was that we threw money at problems and said eff it and generally powered through everything else and finished our crafting by Friday afternoon so that we could knock off and spend time with our families and friends that had come in from England and Canada.  We decided to take advantage of $5 Fridays - it turns out that the line gets CRAZY long (I've never seen it that long, and I've done $5 Fridays before).  We bought timed tickets to go in at 7:30 (while standing in line) which gave Mark's family time to take the Metro in from the hotel (which worked really well).
The aquarium is a little crazy with a group of 12 people, but it gave us a good chance to walk and talk with people and do some catching up.
and I got to play with my camera.
It was also really, really nice to walk around and look at the fish and take everything in and talk to people if I wanted to, about fish or about the wedding, or about how they were doing, or about anything at all.  We didn't have to talk wedding.  We could talk about the normal things you talk about with family.  Or the normal things you talk about at an aquarium.  

By the time we got to Friday, I was a weird mix of Zen and Exhausted.  I didn't really care at all about any of the details - tomorrow would come and we were ready - there was nothing left to do that hadn't been done.  I had to run a 5k the next morning with my friends and I was really excited.  It was Friday night, it had been a nightmarish week, and all I really wanted to do was sit on a bench and watch some stingrays.  (Because I don't drink before races, but otherwise it would have been time for a large glass of wine.) 

After we were done at the aquarium and had seen Mark's family safely onto the Metro, we headed back towards our apartment with the guys - Mark's groomsman and FBIL were staying with us, and they decided to go out and grab a drink.  I passed, and went home to pack up my emergency kit and bag for the hotel, lay out my running clothes for the race, charge our electric toothbrushes for the honeymoon, and generally praise myself for being so well organized and put together.  It was good.  I would recommend forcing yourself to take it easy before your wedding if you can.  Because Saturday was awful.  

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