Tuesday, March 1, 2011


So, our reception was in the parking lot.  We moved over to The Big Tent, which was in the parking lot.  I was concerned about the asphalt being too hard on people's feet, or worse, not being considered "nice" enough.  We were trying to have a very nice wedding, to assuage some fears about our wedding not being nice.  We needed the space, and we were relieved to have it.
But also, nobody noticed we were in the parking lot.  Nobody's feet hurt from dancing on asphalt, nobody tripped and fell and skinned their knees.  Nobody's shoes wore down because they had to walk around on asphalt.  I know that there is somebody out there thinking, "well, the tent will be in the parking lot...will anyone notice? care?"  The answer is no.

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  1. Thank you! I keep trying to convince my fiance that if the parking lot has a nice view, there is no reason not to get married in it, hehe.