Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Green Wedding Showcase: Bario Neal

I've seen the Bario Neal jewelry pop up everywhere on the blogs, but I'd kinda blown them off.  Because usually other bloggers showcased designs of their's I didn't really care for.  So when I saw them at the showcase, and I saw some of their rings, my jaw dropped.

They had a bunch similar to this, and I love this style.  I have no idea what it's called, but it's more about the ring than about the rock, and I love that.  They also have a few lab-glove friendly rings, which are important to my scientist friends.  

The women at the booth were totally, ridiculously nice, complimented my ring, and let me play with all of their jewelry even though it was obvious I had already gotten married.  They even let me take two of these bad boys and put them around my ring as "anniversary bands".  And yeah, my downer of a husband said I can't have them just because they are sparklier than my wedding band.
I also would have liked to know that somebody out there did in fact make a 1mm wide band that would have gone with my ring.  

Have you found any rings after the fact that you wish you had seen before the wedding?

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  1. I still look at wedding/engagement rings even though I am already married too! I just love jewelry.