Thursday, March 10, 2011

Green Wedding Showcase: Green Bride Guide

I'd never heard of Green Bride Guide until I was perusing the free websites and saw some themes inspired by them.  They were at the showcase and I got a chance to talk to Stephanie for a bit.  She and I talked about a few of their newer features, including their registry for green homegoods.  She also mentioned that they feature Real Green Weddings (including one from the Philip Merrill Center), so I'm planning to send in ours.*

I really like that they have a section on Green Honeymoons, because I was very concerned with honeymooning in a relatively socially conscious way.  (Were we successful? Probably not really, but we walked a lot, used public transit, and ate locally.)

One of the absolutely coolest things though, is their "Recycle and Donate" section.  A lot of us struggle to figure out what to do with stuff after the wedding.  I gave a lot to other friends who are getting married, and we donated a ton to our venue itself for the kids to use for art projects, but not everyone has that option.  They talk about different organizations to give wedding and bridesmaids dresses to, and touch on some other stuff that is really creative - like listing three different organizations you can donate your hair to if you grow it out for the wedding.

*I worry about "overexposing" our wedding, but I really want couples planning weddings to know about Irvine and Bon Appetit.  

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