Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Wedding Showcase: Herrington on the Bay

We visited Herrington on the Bay when my sister got married - it wasn't quite the right place for them, but it had a lot of things going for it, although the handicapped access in the main building is next to nothing.  Mark and I weren't terribly interested in having a waterfront wedding, so we didn't really look at it.  Whenever I see it in pictures though, I get excited, because I love their Polynesian Bridal Lawn, although for their other sites, the marina was a little bit too prominent for my taste.

I was really surprised to see them at the Green Wedding Showcase, because when we visited, they felt kind of like your average all-in-one venue that doesn't care that much about the environment.  So I said something like, "I don't remember hearing about this three years ago - that's really cool" and their representative told me everything they were doing to make their practices greener.  My favorite?  They just bought a farm so they can grow their own produce for their catering company!  They're also going to start composting soon, which is pretty cool.  Some of their other "eco friendly" practices can be viewed here.  I liked that their list includes things like buying recycled printer cartridges from a local manufacturer and using green cleaning products in the facilities and hotels.  I think it's great that all-in-one venues are starting to green their practices more, since most of the all-in-ones we looked at weren't talking about sustainability when we looked at them.

There are some other cool things I didn't remember or Herrington has added recently, like on-side accommodations.
After the wedding we went to on Cape Cod where our hotel room was an easy walk from the ceremony, I'm a much bigger fan of hotel weddings, or weddings that are really close to the hotel.  Herrington also has a 2-mile "eco trail" for your guests to enjoy.  We would love that if we were staying somewhere for a wedding.

I think Herrington is a great option for people looking for an eco-friendly facility and the convenience of an all-in-one venue with the posh feeling of a waterfront wedding.

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  1. We got married a block away from the hotel everyone was staying at and it rocked being able to walk everywhere. Man! It's great catching up on your blog again!