Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Wedding Showcase: Samuel Riggs Alumni Center

When I was on campus, they built the Samuel Riggs Alumni Center.  I had walked through the garden a lot, but never been inside.  The showcase was actually at Riggs, so we got to check it out.  Since my friend and her fiance met at Maryland, it might be really cute if they got married there.  Riggs is built to be a totally functional event space - their main ballroom is a pretty "typical" ballroom, with partitions.
It has a pretty "corporate" feel to it, although as this couple did, you can totally personalize it with lighting and table decor.  Alumni association members also get a discount (although I think it's only 5% unless you are a lifetime member, and then it's 15%.)
You can have an outdoor ceremony in the gardens or on the terrace, and you can pose for awesome pictures with Testudo, but since you're on campus, you could also have the ceremony in Memorial Chapel.  The indoor space for the ceremony is one of the partitions of the room, which is pretty nice for a ballroom.
Overall, I felt like Riggs was a little bit lacking in charm, but is a great blank canvas space if you want to have beautiful tablescapes or a really modern clean feeling to your reception.  They give you a list of caterers to choose from, which helps narrow down your choices.  The rates are pretty standard for the area (around $3500 for the ballroom, with minor ceremony site fees.)  A few pluses include plenty of easy, free parking in Lot 1, and relatively close proximity to 95/495.

The only problem I see with this're still getting married in College Park.  Campus is fun, but do you really want to have all your guests go after-party at the Fe?  Wait, the Fe isn't even there anymore, is it?  Also, hotel options are limited - there is the Marriott on campus, and a few other hotels around, but not great.  If you're considering this location, also think about doing the wedding when school isn't in session - parking will be way easier, the hotels will probably be less full, and the campus won't be full of undergrads.

Images all from the Riggs Alumni Center Website.  

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  1. Pretty but I agree, lacking in charm. The church kind of resembles a court house.