Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Green Wedding Showcase: ThorpeWood

When I saw the table for ThorpeWood, I got really excited.  They are exactly the kind of venue I love.  Woodsy? Check. Affordable? Check. Don't have to find your own caterer? Check.  Runs a program for at-risk youth? Check.  Giant stone fireplace?  Check.

Don't worry, you can have an outdoor ceremony too.

ThorpeWood was a little smaller and pretty far out of the way for us, since we wanted something that was along 95 for our guests who just came for the day.
But if you're looking to have a rustic, nature-centered wedding, it's a great place for it.  Go check out the pictures on their gallery if you want to see more.

At the event, they had the rate sheet for ThorpeWood.  Their prices fall into the "high but reasonable" category, around $4000 for a Saturday and $3000 for a Sunday.  The facility is also not air conditioned, so if you are having a summer wedding, I would go check it out in the summertime and see whether it's really bearable.  

All images from the ThorpeWood website.  

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