Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Look.  I know a lot of people make necessary phone calls right after they get engaged.  But seriously?  Can I put in another plug for telling people in person?

Because I was looking through our "getting engaged" album recently:
I don't think I looked that happy and glowy in our wedding pictures.  And look at my mother in law.  There is nothing that has compared to how I felt the moment we announced our engagement and families lit up with giant smiles.  I felt loved and welcomed and like my heart was going to explode.  So if you aren't engaged yet, seriously consider going the extra mile to tell your families in person, if it's at all possible.  Or at the very least, over Skype.

Oh, and see that smiling, handsome man?  Today is his birthday!  Happy birthday sweetie!


  1. Happy birthday! !!

  2. I probably should have told my parents in person. When I did it was totally an anticlimactic moment over the phone. Maybe because I couldn't see them, but they didn't seem too excited at the time. Somewhat of a let down.

    Happy birthday Mark!

  3. So true, I had to tell all my family over phone calls but wish I had done it in person!!