Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sense of Self

My father started posting pictures of me from my childhood on facebook before the wedding. While I'm ordinarily not wild about this practice, some of them are cute.
And it makes me think of the montage scene in Father of the Bride as he thinks about his daughter.  And when I looked in the mirror heading up to the wedding, I found a stranger staring back at me.  Where did the long hair come from? The lines? The circles under the eyes?  

Something about being in your twenties, your face starts to change a lot.  I feel like whenever I look at pictures of myself from six months or a year ago, I look so different.  I'm not sure why this is.  But be prepared that on your wedding day, you may feel the least like yourself that you ever have.  

You don't necessarily look like yourself, and when you look at pictures, you might not smile like yourself.  Because your face will be tired from all the posed smiling and your eyes will be grumpy.  Also, I've had friends say that they felt nothing like themselves on their wedding days, thanks to pro makeup and hair, months of pre-wedding dieting, and other craziness.  I've seen people I know get married and I felt like I didn't recognize them.  

I'm not really sure how to correct these things, other than hire a hair/makeup artist you trust.  Does anyone have tips on how to perfect the art of smiling so you aren't sneering in the wedding photo your inlaws frame and hang above the couch?  


  1. This is really interesting. During this whole planning process I've been really trying to ensure I look and feel like myself at my wedding. The frequent hair cuts are a big part of it (short-haired bride!), practicing doing my own makeup, wearing a dress that looks similar in silhouette to other things in my closet, and working out so I feel fit and comfortable in my own body.

    I never really thought about the seemingly unending pictures that will be taken and the forced smiles. In high school we tended to go to school dances in large groups and would be forced by a flock of 10-20 parents to smile for really long periods of time. This is one of those reasons I'm really happy that we are hiring photojournalists (they don't take a ton of posed portraits) and that we are getting our professional portraits taken before the wedding when we are at our most fresh. Of course, I'll be roped into tons of posed pictures taken by my friends later in the day, and will probably have that plastered smile face going on. Oh well.

  2. I know what you mean. I am a bit scared of feeling like this and so I am making my dress decision extremely hard for myself. I want something that I feel "me" in, and nothing's coming to the party. Probably because I have never worn a wedding dress before - of course it's not going to feel like me! But I really don't want to feel like a fraud on the day.