Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What's Next?

So the recaps of our wedding are pretty much done, but for now, I've decided to stick around.  I won't be writing as much - I'm either going to drop to 3 posts a week, or maybe even down to 1 post a week.  A couple of my friends have recently gotten engaged, so I'll probably be dropping a lot of "from the other side" type of advice that I think could be generally beneficial.  I'll be sharing pretty ideas and a few, "wish we had done that" things.  I'll hopefully get to feature a few more real local weddings and maybe even some real local vendors.  I'm going to add a page about our vendors, because I really want this site to be a resource for Baltimore couples who are planning weddings (but the rest of you are still totally welcome!)

Ultimately, I want to keep writing because I genuinely feel like I have something to contribute to this community - because I think the more feminist wedding blogs are out there, the better; but I also think the more honest blogs are out there, the better.  I dreamed about my wedding since I was a little girl, I wanted to feel like a princess, and I wore tevas and got married in the woods.  At the end of the day, we are what we are and our weddings reflect all of it.  There is no wrong way to have a wedding, and I think that anybody planning a wedding needs as many reminders of that as possible.  So I'm sticking around.

I'm thinking of having a regular day of the week where I talk about marriage and relationships and life after the wedding.  Partly so that you know that it's hard, so you aren't surprised when it's hard, but also partly so that you know that it's really really nice to spend a weekend going to yoga, and going to brunch, and having parties with friends, rather than planning a damn wedding.

Does that sound okay to you?  What wedding topics have I not covered that you would like to hear about my experience with?  Is there any aftermath or fallout that you have questions about?  What topics do you wish more bloggers would talk about?


  1. I think that sounds great, especially the "life after the wedding" part that you mentioned. I'm really curious as to what that's like!