Friday, April 29, 2011

Wedding Hats

If there is one thing that Americans love more than the Royal Wedding, it's the Royal Wedding Hats.
Because frankly, many Americans are not that into the idea of Royalty.  We just...meh.  Some people love the royal wedding, some people hate it, but I suspect that most were more like myself in which we watched with a faint curiosity because we wanted to know what Kate would wear, and quite possibly hoped there would be a parade of Corgis.   That one was just me?  Okay.  
Let me be clear: the King's Speech was an excellent movie.  And the corgis are still the best part.
But many of us are fascinated by the British and their hats.  I mean, we don't really get royalty, but we do get hats.  And some of them are fantastic and some of them are just nutty.  But as an American who married a British man, I was sorely disappointed in the lack of hats at our own wedding.  I know, it is unreasonable to expect people to transport hats across the pond just to wear to our wedding, but didn't they know how excited I was to see behatted wedding guests?  
The closest anyone came was our good friend Sue, who sported a feather fascinator:
(Obviously, by Prema Photographic.)
And my own grandmother, who does not leave the house without a hat, regardless of the occasion, so long as she will be going outside. If we're together, I also get handed a hat.

Fortunately, we were prepared for the possibility that our guests might not all choose to wear their own hats, and provided them.
So the moral of this story is that if you get married in England, and are royalty, many fabulous people will wear hats to your wedding.  And if you are a commoner marrying another commoner in the United States, no matter how many British people come, they may very well leave their hats at home.  But, if you provide hats, people will wear them around your wedding.  


  1. Oh man that would have been so great to have awesome British hats at your wedding.

    Originally I had asked for my shower to be British tea party themed so we could all wear hats, but over the course of its planning progression, that idea was lost.

  2. Lol, love it! I'm currently organizing a Mad Hatter Tea Party/Fabulous Hat Party for my sister's bridal shower, and it has been nothing but fun. Hope the pics come out this well! ;)

    Peace and illumination,