Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Where to get ready

I think a common debate for people is where to get ready before their weddings.  A lot of people get ready at either the venue or the hotel, and would really like to get ready at the venue or the hotel close to the venue, and I think we see less and less of people getting ready at home.

We debated getting ready at home - on the one hand, it appealed to me, since I would have all my stuff here (and since I managed to forget my emergency kit and my makeup, that would have been good.)  The lighting also would have been much better for photographs.  Our apartment has a lot of character, so some pictures would have been fun here.  On the other hand, I'm very messy, and while our apartment managed to not be a total disaster zone right before the wedding, it still would have stressed me out a lot to feel like I couldn't leave stuff lying around in piles.

Ultimately, our apartment was too far away from the venue and my hair salon to get ready in it, but I do think that if you are getting married near your house, don't overlook the sake of getting ready at home - especially not because you are worried about the pictures - I think it results in some really charming, personal pictures.  My SIL is getting ready at their parents house before her wedding in August and I'm pretty psyched because I think it'll result in some really fantastic pictures.


  1. Our home is 20 minutes from C's parents farm, which is where our campout wedding is. I could get ready in his parents home, or at the hotel (which is five minutes away), or at our home. Which I kind of want. I don't think we'll get ready together, I think it'll be me and girls.

  2. Funny, I was so determined to get ready at home (our condo) even if it's not particularly great for photos or very roomy. But I was most comfortable at home & it worked out fine, especially since it's 3 blocks from our church. My hubs & his boys got ready at the fancy Bridal Suite :-)

  3. I thought about getting ready at home but I'm not 100% sure. I also thought about using my parents' house as it's big. There is a dressing room at our venue but it's really not big enough for me plus 5 bridesmaids.

    Do you recommend choosing where to get ready first, and then choosing the location of a hair salon based on that- or vice versa?

  4. I'll probably get ready at the hotel and then finish up at the venue with the rest of the gals. But I guess i didn't think about it until now!

  5. I *love* the idea of getting ready at home! We were married in Rob's hometown and he loved spending the night at his parent's farm the night before. In the morning, all of the groomsmen went to the farm for a big breakfast, sheet shooting, and all around fun guy time. They put on tuxes at the hotel near our venue but those shots around home are some of our favorite of the morning.