Thursday, May 26, 2011


My sister's wedding anniversary is May 25th, and my parent's is May 26th.  So it's cool that their anniversaries are around the same time, and I kind of wish we were around the same time, but that would have been a disaster, or meant we we were getting married this weekend.

Anyway, the thirty-sixth anniversary is apparently the Bone China Anniversary, although that is listed as the "modern" gift, so I think my Dad made it up because he has a thing for Bone China coffee cups. Although I'm pretty sure that my parents have decided that every year is the "travel" anniversary.  They're in London right now.  

For my sister, this is the third anniversary.  The third anniversary is....wait for it....leather.
Cue inappropriate jokes.  We've certainly made enough of them.

My sister and her husband have decided to get some kind of album to commemorate their 11 years together. (Yeah, 11 - high school sweethearts!)  I think this is a really cute idea, and a creative twist on the leather anniversary.  As we are going into our album design ourselves (more on this in the coming weeks), I suspect our album will be our first anniversary gift to ourselves, which is, I think, becoming a pretty traditional first anniversary gift.

Can I just say that the 4th anniversary gift is either "fruit or flowers"? The 6th is "candy or iron".  I mean, I'm pretty sure by those anniversaries, we will get each other what we usually get for our anniversaries, which is...nothing.  Usually we forget our anniversary until two weeks later.  Sometimes we use it as an excuse to buy something fun (like our Wii).  Sometimes we use it as an excuse to buy something sensible (like the rack for the back of the bike so I can haul stuff from the farmer's market.)  Once, Mark bought me these fantastic earrings for our anniversary and we went to the movies and had a nice dinner (by which I mean Chinese takeout...we don't get out much.)

I would love to celebrate our first anniversary by eating the top tier of our wedding cake, but due to a mix-up the morning after the wedding, we brought the top tier to the brunch for people to eat some of (since it was a huge top tier), and my Dad gave away the leftover pieces and didn't save us any (it was always the plan to give a bunch away, and it was never actually the plan to save it for a year - but it was the plan to have some to come home to after the honeymoon!).  So I think we'll be buying or making an anniversary cake.  Which sounds like a pretty good tradition to start.

How are you celebrating your anniversaries?  Are you following the traditional guidelines or scrapping them?  And most importantly, did your dad give away your cake as if was leftover turkey on Thanksgiving?  (Love you Daddy.)


  1. We had a very small two tiered cake to top our cupcake stand. I would say everyone ate the cupcakes (except us in the traditional cake cutting ceremony). Anyway it was a cakelove cake so I was pretty jazzed about getting to eat more than just the one bite (and saving our top tier).

    A bridesmaid threw it in her TRUNK, where it proceeded to melt and the top tier slid off. We managed to save the top tier and my MIL (who bakes cakes, mind you) was tasked to take care of it for us and store it since we were leaving for the HM real soon.

    Two weeks after we got back from our honeymoon I asked her about the cake. "Oh it's in the garage freezer." I went out to check out the wrap job only to find out she literally took the cardboard box of cake out of the car and put it right in the freezer. Just like that. Freezer burn galore, all ready to soak up the sweet smells of the rest of the freezer.

    I was not happy. And yeah I threw it away. I didn't want to try to salvage it only to try it a year later and be reminded of the lack of common sense. Love my MIL - but really? Didn't really think I'd need to micromanage the cake storage.

    So needless to say we will be ordering a new one from cakelove in a few months.

    Excited we share the same anniversary!

  2. Very cute! Ive heard of other couples who just go out and get cupcakes on their one year anny..I bet that frozed cake for 1 year does not taste all that good! :0

  3. We just had our first anniversary this past Sunday. Much to my delight, our cake was still delicious! Like, really really delicious. So impressed.

    I love giving gifts and really enjoy the challenge/room for creativity that the traditional guidelines give you. My husband's present to me this year was not at all made of paper (a getaway and a nice meal), but he printed stuff out about our weekend to be sure and give me paper. My gift to him is not here yet, but it's paper too. I've already got a great idea for next year (cotton)! I don't think my parents follow the traditional suggestions anymore, if they did in the first place. Next year will be their 40th!

  4. Bone china is COOL! I love the album.

    We won't keep cake because we're not HAVING cake. I want every anniversary to be our travel anniversary, I think your parents are geniuses.

  5. I really like the traditional anniversary gifts, but we decided to skip gifts this past year and save money (or spend it on a weekend away, whatever). We've never done anniversary gifts, just meals and/or cards, anyway, so I like the idea of starting, but we probably won't. ;)